LILIEF-M Special Spray Mist Device


By using the finest natural toner or ampoule with convenient device, ingredients are easily absorbed into the skin.



[Composition] Spray Device (1pc) + Stay with me Ampoule (3btls)


[Country of origin] Exterior of Device (China), Internal spare part & Engine technology & Design (South Korea)


[Product Concept] Comfortable and easy to use.

By using the finest herbal raw materials (fermentation) with convenient device, ingredients are easily absorbed into the skin removing dead skin cells and promoting regeneration of new skin and it appeals to the modern women.


[Product Features]
1. Healthy & Herbal Raw Materials (Asia oriental, Fermented, Natural);

Natural fermented herbal products with less chemical ingredients feel healthy and attractive to health conscious modern consumers.

Compared to make-up products that contains many chemically synthesized ingredients, our natural skin care line would be more appealing to the modern health-conscious consumers.


2. Convenient & Clean & Maximize the effectiveness;

- By using devices,can easily spray onto skin without using hands and it prevents bacterial growth.
It is easy to use anywhere in the plane or office or car.

- Provides moisture immediately and it holds moistures long hours.



1. Preparations

① Pour the liquid skin care product (toner, essence etc.) into the liquid adding bottle.
② Plug the upper cover of waterproof rubber plug, open the inner cover, and plug the water proofrubber plug.
Add the skin care product in the charging bottle into the water container, and tighten the rubber plug and inner cover.


2. Use

① Direct the nozzle at your face (at a suggested distance of about 10-15cm, adjustable depending on specific conditions), hold the switch and spray.
② After spraying, close the outer cover.
Note: Do not stay at one place when spraying, otherwise, it will not be even; After use, tighten the upper cover of the product to avoid leakage of product or contact of air through the air inlet.


3. Cleaning of nozzle (applicable to spraying failure)

①A viscous skin care product is added into this product causing block of nozzle or failure of spraying smoothly, please inject 40~50 degree centigrade warm water into the water container, and then spray all it out after 1~2 minutes. If the above method fails, plug the nozzle with hand and then hold the switch to cleaning. As the nozzle is a precision instrument, do not knock it or use needle like article to clean it.
Note: Liquid skin care products of viscosity 3000mpa.s below
are applicable; any product of larger viscosity should not be used on it.


4. Charging method

① Low power may cause inoperation or spraying not smooth, please the self-equipped adapter for charging.
② The charging indicator shows in red when charging and then turn in green when full of power.


5. Separate nozzle

Use thumb and middle finger to press down the nozzle separate switch and lift it up, separate the nozzle from the main body.


6. Installation of nozzle

Keep the nozzle hole and the front main body in same direction, align with the slot and then press down (notice the front and rear of the main body), once a “ka” sound is heard, it indicates the nozzle is fitted to the main body. Then check if there is seam between the main body and nozzle, if fixed well.


7. Notices

a. Please use charging bottle when adding skin care bottle into the water container to avoid leakage, causing waste or make the product dirty.
b. This product can be carried along for use anywhere.
c. This produce is applicable to liquid skin care products only like smoothing toner, cosmetic water, astringent, essence etc.


[L1004] LILIEF-M Spray Mist Device

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